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My name is Anastasia Bryzhata, and I have come a long way to become the leader of my own life and help others in their aspirations for self-development.
About me
After 20 years of varied careers and personal experiences, I have gone through my own path of transformation and self-discovery. Through the study of energies, chakras, numerology and other areas, I have created courses, workshops and books for healing the body and soul. These materials are based on my knowledge and personal experience, and their improvement continues throughout my life. I invite you to join me in the world of self-discovery and purification, where we will work on healing negative emotions and diseases through psychosomatic analysis and cause-and-effect relationships.
What services do I provide?
A personal approach to psychosomatic healing.
Individual psychosomatic consultations:
I will help you understand how emotional and mental factors affect your physical health and develop an individualized treatment plan.
Group therapy sessions:
Join a group of like-minded people where we will work together on the causes of your psychosomatic symptoms and find support in the healing process.
Seminars on stress management:
Learn effective relaxation and stress management techniques to improve your quality of life and prevent potential health problems.
Meditation master classes and art therapy practice:
MK involves effective practices for finding fear in the body. Art therapy - to form your fear and transform it into a resource. The practice of focusing your attention on your breathing makes it possible to relieve states of fear attacks.
How I work
  1. Diagnostics and analysis:
At the first stage, I conduct a detailed interview with the patient, analyzing his medical history, symptoms, emotional state and personal experiences. This makes it possible to identify possible cause-and-effect relationships between mental and physical problems, as well as to determine the most appropriate approach to treatment.
Development of an individual treatment plan:
Based on the data received, I develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include various methods and techniques such as psychotherapy, meditation, stress management, art therapy, etc. This plan is developed taking into account the individual needs, goals and capabilities of the patient.
Therapy and support:
During the treatment process, I conduct individual and group sessions with the patient using the selected methods and techniques, as well as monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan according to needs. Throughout the therapy process, I provide support, help patients understand and manage their emotions, experiences and life changes.
Cost of services
Investing in your well-being and health:
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Individual psychosomatic consultation
70 $
  • Analysis of your emotional and mental states that affect physical health.
  • Identifying the root causes of your psychosomatic problems.
  • Development of a personalized healing plan based on your lifestyle and needs.
  • Progress monitoring and support in the healing process.
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80 $/m
Individual support and consultations during a week or a month for a stable passage through the transformation process.

Effective change implementation: Together we will focus on your progress and achieving visible results in your life.

Thanks to systematic support, you will get the opportunity to develop and achieve your goals on a long-term basis.
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160 $
1 month of work with me
5 video meetings lasting up to 4 hours, once a week

Recommendations based on numerology, karmology, psychosomatics, energy and the chakra system

12 hours 5 days a week with me in contact, except Saturdays and Sundays

Working with me on your time management if you feel like you are running out of time and you can't keep up with your daily tasks
further work after the first month with a delicious 25% discount to discover more, reach deeper and become the best version of YOURSELF
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Contact me
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are ready to begin your journey of healing and self-discovery with me.
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