Venice Queen

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The Venice Queen is a pintail board for lovers of California classic style.
Venice (Venice) - area of Los Angeles, where the style of longboarding and skateboarding was tempered.
This is asphalt surfing. This is arc cutting and complete chillout. This shape was created to recall the origins. Nothing fancy, just an old school vibe. Great for beginners, for those who are just getting into the culture of longboarding and do not want anything extra.
Sophisticated classic shape and black carving is what the waves on the coast of Los Angeles are making noise about.

Venice Queen L - 41.7" W - 9.7"
RKP Trucks 180 mm (by One True)
Rippers 65 мм 80А (by One True)
Abec 7#nbsp Bearings;
JawsGrip 78G
Raiserpads 8 мм