The OneTrue Skateboards team tested the Shifters wheels on mountain serpentines, urban slopes and streets for two seasons. The 69mm size makes the Shifters perfect for urban freeride. The rounded lip of the wheels and the central position of the core give another undeniable advantage when stalling. The best wheels for learning to slide and progress. The ground StoneGround surface makes it possible to tear your first slide immediately on the first ride, without waiting for natural grinding on the asphalt.

Ride'n'Slide Formula (RSF)
Simple, soft, but at the same time sliding RIDE'n'SLIDE FORMULA (RSF) allows you to draw long arcs on any surfaces. The softness of the polyurethane material allows you to swallow all the bumps and give stability to the rider while not losing the properties of a controlled slide in the necessary situations, eliminating the possibility of wheel deformation when sliding (flatspot).
RSF polyurethane is the balance between grip and glide! The formula provides a light slide with the full control needed for freeride and tight turns.
The wide core retains the shape of the polyurethane in difficult conditions, providing improved traction, spin speed, spin performance and durability.

Size: 69mm
Hardness: 80A
Contact: 40mm
Offset Core: Center-Set
Edge: RoundLip
Surface: Stoneground