One True.Ride Pride is a Ukrainian production founded in 2015 by an admirer and connoisseur of longboard culture Anton Savchenko.
The project is primarily focused on the creation of high-quality and technologically advanced longboard decks. Over the years, on the Ukrainian and partly European market, One True boards have occupied their quality niche and compete with Western counterparts.
Longboard boards are created by a combination of birch veneer (in some shapes using fiberglass), placed in a multi-ton press, after which they are shaped, graphics and varnish are applied. Multi-stage painting algorithms laminate the board and provide excellent resistance to moisture, UV rays and graphics durability.
All One True boards go through 5 stages of painting with different materials. This algorithm achieves isolation of wood layers, protection against twisting or deformation, protection against drying out and moisture, and therefore increases the durability of the board. A side effect of this algorithm is a premium appearance that has already become a corporate identity.

So, the whole OneTrue.RidePride kitchen can be called handcrafted, of course, this is not a garage with a sad hard worker and grinding on the knee. This is a powerful, narrowly focused technological base with positive growth and pumping dynamics. This is 250 squares of production area and 7 equipped zones with special tasks.

There is nothing to hide, this is the underground, and from it decks with a special character are born. Please Dont Stop is written on our walls and One True is written on the boards. Everything that has a price in this world is born from perseverance, work and determination.